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Come in ogni famiglia che si rispetti, ci sono bollette da pagare…

Risultato immagini per bolletta

dear please i will like you to do something for me from your kind heart ,honey i have been using the internet for the past 3months now and every month payment is 64$ and at moment we dont have any money. we dont have anything in the house to get my internet bill paid , they will be disconnecting it in 2days time from now , i am owing them 3months payment which is 192$ please i will like you to try and get to help me get my internet sustain otherwise i will loose contact with you and i dont want to loose contact with you as we both have same things in common and we could develop something more serious in our chat ..
i will like you to do this to help me from your own before God ..please:x

Scam & Fake – Le bollette che scadono…

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