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Buona parte delle conversazioni hanno le stesse frasi. di seguito alcune che si ripetono sui vari profili

Risultato immagini per dollare

“Am single never married with no kids,but I have been in a bad relationship before and I don’t want that to happen to me anymore” Il 75% delle conversazioni hanno questo frase e questa situazione.

“That reminds me pls…can you get me an Amazon card pls….I want to buy some materials on Amazon pls…and me kind of busy working now” buona parte delle persone sono cosi occupate da non poter comprare una Amazon card ma sono in grado di rimanere ore collegate per chattare..

Investimenti estremamente redditizi. ” If you invest 50$ you get 200$,200$=400$,400$ you get 700$ and moreYou will get your payment receipt in your gmail or you will have to drop your number to get notifications of your paymentWe have instant payment and weekly you will have to choose the one to use at of the whole ”

Quando ormai il soggetto e’ scoperto.. ” Did you understand now all the picture that doesn’t belong to me they created it by themself and using it to scam people online wtf,,,,Yeah that was it

Chissà perchè non c’e’ una telecamera funzionante…

I’m trying to make you my video

I’ll do that for laterBelieve meWhen I get my connection files loaded I’ll make it for you OK..?

Scam & fake – le frasi celebri

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